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Tuesdays 6PM - 9PM in Term Time
Sloman Lounge
Computer Science (Building Y9)
University of Birmingham, B15 2TT

First meeting on February 7th 2017.



The Mozilla Campus Club Birmingham is the first Mozilla Campus Club in the UK! Each week we will be running activities that will help us to learn how to teach, build and protect the web.

Whether you have always wanted to learn how to build a webpage, been keen on getting involved in a robotics projects, learn a new programming language or maybe wanted to explore how our data is kept secure on the web, we can guarantee there will be something for you at the Campus Club.

To get an idea of the sorts of things we do, have a look at the activities section of our website.

Through the club, we aim to promote collaboration between like-minded people from across the university and the local community. We welcome people from all backgrounds and levels of expertise.

The club is free to join and you can come to any activities that interest you.

We look forward to seeing you at the club!

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